ESG at Graham

Graham Partners aims to invest in technology-driven companies that are spurring innovation in advanced manufacturing, and to support those business with our operational resources and culture of continuous improvement. We believe our ESG strategy, rooted in our history of sustainability and informed by company, societal, and regulatory trends, complements this goal. We seek to apply our ESG program elements throughout the investment lifecycle, and support tailored value creation initiatives prioritized by relative impact at portfolio companies during our ownership.



Environmental compliance


Product & food safety


Diversity, equity & inclusion


Occupational health & safety


Resource consumption



ESG Strategy

With each of our companies, we seek to:

  1. Identify high level sector risks and opportunities and potential industry niches of interest
  2. Understand ESG potential risks and opportunities, assess the impact of ESG factors on stakeholders, and identify areas for improvement
  3. Deploy a standardized operating model with embedded ESG processes and provide ongoing support, tools, and resources to encourage progress and monitor results

timeline of Graham Partners development and institution of Environmental and Social Governance principles from 1990 through 2021 1 Read more about the Graham Sustainability Institute

ESG Publications

2023 Environmental, Social, and Governance Report
2023 Environmental, Social, and Governance Report Read more
Diversity Statement
Diversity Statement Read more

Meet the ESG Team

For inquiries regarding Graham Partners’ ESG program, please contact a member of the ESG team.

Allison Gosselin*

Director, Environmental, Social and Governance

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Sarah Kolansky

Sarah Kolansky*

Director, Health and Safety

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Kate Tetreault*

Environmental, Social and Governance Analyst

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