John C. Horn

Industry Expert

Professional Bio:

John is a proven Internet of Things (IoT) Executive and Leader. Having built successful companies and teams for over 18 years in the Connected Ecosystem, John has been recognized as an M2M Pioneer, a Most Admired CEO, and by INC. Magazine as a top ten speaker: “Who Will Wow Your Crowd.” Currently, John sits on multiple company and community boards and enjoys being able to help others reach their goals. John serves on the Advisory Council for Graham Partners portfolio company, OptConnect.

Previously, John served as President of RacoWireless and CEO of Ingenu. John believes that the right group of people build profitable companies and has been able to maintain a core team of leaders through different companies for nearly two decades. Whether it was building the first IoT Team at T-Mobile, growing RacoWireless to a highly respected industry leader, or building a new global brand, creating the right culture and empowering the right people is what makes the difference.

John received his B.A. in Political Science from University of California, Davis.