Yoshihisa Doi

Lean Manufacturing Senior Operating Partner

Professional Bio:

Mr. Doi has over 40 years of leadership and consulting experience in the automotive, mechanical, and aerospace engineering industries. He established Kaizen Management Consulting Co., Ltd. in 2001 and has led many well-known corporations, such as Pratt & Whitney and Singapore Technologies, to success. Through his development of Pure Value Management System, he has increased the efficiency of a number of Graham Partners portfolio companies.

Mr. Doi believes that a company’s most critical factors are system, technology and teamwork. By improving all of those dynamics in good balance, regardless of industry, type of business, or department, any business can be successful. These values, rooted in Albert Einstein’s philosophies, were learned from his father, who introduced him to the world of Albert Einstein at the age of four.

Other companies Mr. Doi has worked with include Strum Ruger, which he made successful by implementing Super-Cell and Integrated Engineering, which is based on his Pure Value Management System. Mr. Doi also consulted on product development for American Rifle. In Japan, he supported MHI’s (Mitsubishi Heavy Industries) Rocket, Missile and Jet Engine divisions and is currently supporting the development of a next generation rocket. Mr. Doi also worked with the Jet Engine division, which resulted in an increase in total investment efficiency by 6x within 1.5 years of his consultation.

During his time with Shingijutsu, Mr. Doi consulted with companies such as Porsche, Danaher, UTC group, MTU, ACM and Hitachi, among others. Prior to Shingijutsu, Mr. Doi worked with Isuzu, where he implemented and established a 5-year plan across the entire Isuzu Group, targeting improvement in the company’s success. In his most recent role with Isuzu, he was in charge of Total Isuzu Kaizen in its Product Development division. There he achieved a cost savings of 60B Yen/year (US $600MM/year) through improvement of product performance and quality.