Graham Partners Collaborates With Latest Investment

December 14th, 2021


Graham Partners Growth, the growth equity strategy of Graham Partners, a private investment firm investing in technology-driven companies that are spurring innovation in advanced manufacturing, is pleased to announce that it has completed a minority growth equity investment in Kinova Group Inc. (“Kinova”). Headquartered in Montreal, Canada, Kinova is a designer and manufacturer of collaborative robotic arms (“cobots”) for medical and industrial end markets. Kinova’s technology is powering automation in a growing set of applications including robotic surgery, assistive technology for individuals with disabilities, and industrial and professional automation.

Graham Partners has strategically targeted robotics as an area for investment given the rapid deployment of automation technology across numerous end markets, and in particular collaborative robots, which are safe around humans and machinery and enable rapid deployment and customer adoption. After completing an investment theme study on robotic surgery technology Graham contacted Kinova and was immediately drawn to the company’s mission and technology. Kinova was founded with the mission to develop technology to empower humanity, and the company has succeeded on this front across all applications: providing better patient outcomes in healthcare settings, assisting individuals with limited mobility, and enabling worker productivity by automating repetitive tasks in industrial and professional settings. Kinova’s robust hardware and powerful software utilize innovative technology to improve and extend the capabilities of customers with a human-first approach that serves the growing need for robotics across increasingly complex industries.

Kinova is expected to benefit from Graham’s deep domain expertise in medical and industrial technology, as well as experience deploying automation solutions across its portfolio of advanced manufacturing and industrial technology businesses. Graham Partners will leverage its industry resources, operational expertise, and commercial knowledge to support Kinova’s growth.

Dennis Dunegan, Managing Principal of Graham Partners, stated, “We believe Kinova’s cobot technology and expertise in both medical and industrial applications is unique in the robotics industry. We are excited to leverage our expertise to help drive value creation and growth at Kinova and are looking forward to supporting mission-driven co-founders, Charles Deguire and Louis-Joseph L’Écuyer, in achieving their goals.” Charles Deguire, Co-Founder and CEO of Kinova, added, “Graham Partners’ experience and deep operating resources resonated with our team, and we are thrilled to be partnering with Graham at such an exciting time in the collaborative robotics space. Since its founding, Kinova has created safe, cutting-edge technologies with a human-centric purpose and will continue to support its customers by empowering humanity to go well beyond its limitations and achieve the extraordinary.”

About Kinova

Kinova Inc., headquartered in Boisbriand (Greater Montreal), Canada, is a designer and manufacturer of cobots for various markets, including robotic surgery, assistive robotics, and industrial and professional automation. Kinova’s innovative technology improves and extends the capabilities of customers with a human-first approach to serve the growing need for robotics across increasingly complex industries.


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