Graham Partners Gets the Green Light

January 8th, 2013


Graham Partners’ portfolio company, Eberle Design, Inc., (“Eberle”), a designer and manufacturer of reliable, high-performance electronic components for traffic control systems, has acquired Reno A&E, LLC (“Reno” or the “Company”). Headquartered in Reno, Nevada, the Company specializes in the production of inductive loop vehicle detectors for the access and parking control, rail and traffic industry, as well as solid state load switches, power supplies, flashers and conflict monitors for the traffic industry. This highly complementary add-on enhances Eberle’s product offering, provides greater industry exposure, and adds depth to Eberle’s already talented team of product engineers.

The acquisition strengthens Eberle’s position in the traffic and access control segment and also provides Eberle access to the rail industry, where it has not historically had a presence. Reno’s strong customer relationships will further diversify Eberle’s customer base and expand Eberle’s geographic footprint. Reno’s technology-driven product development capabilities and deep engineering team should also accelerate product innovation for both companies to take advantage of opportunities in the rapidly evolving Intelligent Transportation Systems market.

About Eberle Design, Inc. ( Headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona, Eberle Design, Inc. is a leading designer and manufacturer of reliable, high-performance electronic components that enable transportation engineers to manage intersections more safely and efficiently. Eberle’s end users are primarily state and local government agencies. The company delivers an industry-leading product offering, which includes conflict monitors, loop detectors, load switches and flashers. With the growing conversion trend towards networked intersections, demand for Eberle’s products continues to increase. Eberle holds patented technology for product installation and diagnostics and places an emphasis on continued R&D.



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