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September 6th, 2023


Invests in Barcoding, a Supply Chain Automation Technology Provider

Graham Partners, a private investment firm targeting technology-driven advanced manufacturing companies, is pleased to announce its investment in Barcoding, Inc. (“Barcoding”). Through a combination of hardware and software, Barcoding delivers end-to-end supply chain automation technology solutions that enable customers to more accurately and efficiently track and manage their inventory and assets. Headquartered in Baltimore, Maryland, the company is a value-added reseller (“VAR“) and integrator of automatic identification & data capture (“AIDC”) technology, serving a diversified customer base. The company offers a proprietary asset-tracking software and suite of in-house managed services coupled with extensive hardware componentry. In Graham’s view, Barcoding plays a critical role in the automation landscape – partnering with AIDC original equipment manufacturers (“OEMs”) to facilitate the utilization of AIDC equipment and software and enable end customers to automate and digitize their supply chain infrastructure.

Graham developed an investment thesis around the growth and attractive dynamics in the AIDC integrator space after completing three investment theme studies on automation-driven niches and conducting extensive industry diligence. Graham believes Barcoding benefits from macro tailwinds that are driving demand for AIDC products and services underpinned by a multi-decade trend towards tech-enabled supply chain management. Graham believes asset tracking solutions are beneficiaries of traceability technology, increasing utilization of automation in response to labor shortages, heightened regulatory focus on traceability of supply chains, and continued growth in e-commerce, among other potential tailwinds. Graham believes Barcoding plays a critical role supporting the underlying trends driving demand for AIDC products and services, while serving diverse use cases across various end markets and customer types.

Graham Partners believes it is well-positioned to add value, given its industry advisory resources within the AIDC niche, coupled with the firm’s prior experience investing in adjacent supply chain automation sub-verticals. Mike Stewart, Principal at Graham Partners, said, “There is an identifiable need for automation and data capture solutions that can improve productivity and traceability, and lower tracking costs. We are excited to partner with the Barcoding team to help support the company’s growth and leverage our operational experience to drive value creation.” As part of the company’s growth strategy, Graham and Barcoding are actively seeking add-on acquisitions in an effort to further expand the company’s scale and capabilities to better serve the company’s customers.


About Barcoding

Barcoding is a supply chain automation and innovation company that helps organizations be more efficient, accurate, and connected. With extensive subject matter experience in data capture, labeling and printing, and mobile computing, Graham believes that Barcoding is trusted to build and manage solutions for IT and operations teams worldwide. Founded in 1998, Barcoding is headquartered in Baltimore, MD, with offices across North America – Philadelphia, Chicago, Houston, Seattle, Montreal, Toronto, and Vancouver.



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