Green Means Go for Graham

September 17th, 2013


Graham Partners is pleased to announce it has successfully sold one of its portfolio companies, Eberle Design, Inc. (“Eberle”), less than three years after acquiring the company. Pro forma adjusted sales and EBITDA at exit were 45.1% and 63.7% higher, respectively, than sales and EBITDA at acquisition. During Graham’s ownership, the firm worked actively with Eberle’s management team to enhance operations, drive profitable growth, and achieve the following:

  • Acquired an industry peer, Reno A&E, which expanded Eberle’s engineering talent, deepened its patent portfolio, and enhanced its position in inductive loop detector and conflict monitor products.
  • Opened a state of the art, flagship manufacturing facility, merging operations formerly handled at two smaller, outdated facilities.
  • Introduced lean manufacturing principles, which resulted in optimized inventory, more efficient manufacturing processes, and improved quality controls.
  • Launched a profitable Conflict Monitor Recertification Program, which supports municipalities in ensuring their conflict monitors are functioning properly and operating on the latest firmware.
  • Upgraded to a new ERP system, capable of serving Eberle’s current needs and anticipated future growth.

Graham executed on its investment thesis ahead of schedule. Andrew Snyder, Managing Principal at Graham Partners stated, “Our thesis centered upon the growing needs of municipalities to optimize their existing infrastructures through the adoption of intelligent transportation solutions, such as those designed and manufactured by Eberle. Looking ahead, we expect Eberle’s highly-engineered, electronic devices will continue to be increasingly utilized by traffic, access control, and rail industries to reduce congestion, automate traffic flows, and optimize existing infrastructure systems.”

Graham Partners and Eberle were advised by Greene Holcomb Fisher LLC during the sale process.



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