Smart Money Is Safe with Graham Partners

March 16th, 2015


Graham Partners, a private investment firm focused on investing in businesses with advanced manufacturing technologies, innovative product development capabilities, and strong growth potential, is pleased to announce it has acquired Tidel Engineering, L.P. (“Tidel”), a leading global provider of technology enabled, intelligent safe solutions that deliver labor and cost savings to businesses by reducing the costs of handling and processing cash. Tidel’s comprehensive product offering, which provides advanced systems for validating, reconciling, storing, and dispensing cash, is a full suite of smart safe solutions that offers end-to-end cash management. Tidel services a diverse array of market channels including cash-in-transit providers, banks and financial service providers, distributors, and retailers.

Graham Partners believes the market conversion to advanced cash management technologies will provide an opportunity to capitalize on Tidel’s strong reputation and product quality. Graham’s investment thesis focuses on several key growth opportunities available to Tidel, including continued penetration of core U.S. market segments, promising replacement demand, and international growth opportunities. Additionally, Tidel is poised to benefit from new product introductions that leverage the company’s technological strengths and engineering expertise.

Rob Newbold, Managing Principal at Graham Partners, states, “The acquisition of Tidel provides an opportunity for Graham Partners to capitalize on a promising sector within its broader industrial technology focus. We look forward to working with Tidel to offer customers the highest quality smart safe solutions that provide numerous tangible benefits, from reducing cost and labor inefficiencies, to increasing safety and productivity.”

About Tidel (
Headquartered outside of Dallas, Texas, Tidel is a leading global provider of smart safe solutions that deliver labor and cost savings to retailers by reducing the costs of handling and processing cash. Tidel was founded in 1978 as part of The Southland Corporation (now known as 7-Eleven, Inc.). Since then, Tidel has continued to set industry standards by launching groundbreaking cash management products that provide customers with the latest technologies and innovations to help streamline, protect, and automate the cash management environment.



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